Kurs 93M pu m

Navigation and landing equipment VOR/ILS/MB

The airborne integrated navigation and landing equipment КУРС-93М is intended for flight support of the aircraft, using signals of radio beacons VOR, prelanding maneuvers and landing approach on the signals of radio beacons ILS 







Terrain awareness and warning system 

СРППЗ-2000 system is designed to timely warn the crew of the aircraft, using voice and visual alarms, in the event of flight situations, the development of which may lead to an unintentional clash of the aircraft with earth (water) surface, as well as to increase awareness of flight crew about the elements of the earth's surface and / or artificial obstacles that represent a potential threat on its current or projected path.


ORT mVoice recorder.

 Recording into the protected storage (and a parallel recording into removable storage) talk of the aircraft crew members, recording sound environment in the cockpit, recording the information from data transmitting 


BPK mMonitor and conversion unit.

The family of monitor and conversion units is designed for interfacing a variety of analog and digital equipment at modernization of aircraft. 








SSVmSelective call system.

Selective call system "ССВ"  is designed to warm the crew of the aircraft, using light and sound alarms when receiving from output of any of the five HF and VHF radio stations tone calling code coinciding with the code installed on this aircraft.






ASImData extraction equipment.

Data extraction equipment АСИ is designed for extraction, playback and analyze of the data stored in the protected and removable storage of Voice Recorder ОРТ.